Web Design for Personal
and Small Business


Is it time for you to have your own website?

Your own website allows you to post pics of your life, your latest adventures, growth and additions to your family, kids, grandkids and friends. Highlight the latest gatherings you have attended with pictures and video clips. Link to other sites and allow other sites to link to your site.

Keep friends updated on your latest trips with posts pictures hotel restaurant cafe reviews rates and contact information.

# You can allow comments from page visitors and you have control over whether the comments stay or get deleted. Put your website link in the signature portion of all of your e-mails and allow people you communicate with to view your site. If you're still in the career stages of your life, you can add a private careers page, highlighting your skills, experiences and services, with pictures and videos from previous jobs and projects. This page can be protected from public viewing and could only be accessed by those you have provided the link to. You would give that page link to prospective employers, vendors or contract holders, looking for the right person to fill the vacancy. A "live" resume, so to speak, where you can fully present yourself to people shopping for your skills.
# I can build you a nice website that is easy for you to maintain, add to, and alter. I will walk you through the steps, provide written precise instructions for each task and you become the webmaster for your page. Or, if you like, for small monthly maintenance fee, I can update your pages with info you provide.

Building the website requires a one-time reasonable fee and the site is yours for life. You will need to register it and pay a yearly fee to one of many website hosting services and I can help you set that up if need be.

I am far away from you but I do websites for people wherever they are. It is easy to communicate via the Internet, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and various other services, while I walk you through your website. You and I can be looking at the same page, making changes together and allowing you to learn the steps for making changes and additions, just as if we were in the same room.